Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society: News round-up

Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society: News round-up


There is a lot happening in the Society, so we thought a regular round up of news would be a helpful addition to our website.

Council news

In response to various press releases:

Society has always been run by a Council where the majority view prevails. It is normal practice to co-opt a new Council member for the remainder of a year if an existing member resigns. The co-opted member is first ratified by Council before they are allowed to sit. We were fortunate that for the first time in a few years, there have actually been elections in all but one area, thereby creating a democratically voted council.  Hundreds of votes were cast and we are fortunate to have enthusiastic members willing to drive the Society forward.

The Society membership and industry can be assured that Council members will be acting with independence, transparency and in the best interests of the breed, while listening and responding to our valued membership. It is normal procedure for members to put queries to Council as a letter or email through their area representatives to notify Council of any views and opinions. This process has happened for generations, is encouraged and ensures issues are addressed appropriately.

Council members have been busy attending various club AGM’s with more to come in the next few weeks, which we will reporton in the future.

Office News

 There is a lot of great work being done by our experienced and loyal staff in Perth to develop new opportunities and welcome delegates to the World Angus Forum in June this year.

  • Barbara Webster of Pedigree Cattle Services has been asked to run the registration process for the Beef Shorthorn Society, and we thank her and Helena for their can-do attitude and professionalism
  • Staff pension issue is being pursued with full consultation of all members of staff
  • Yvonne is busy pulling together an accessories shop for the Society and new merchandise will be available soon
  • Registrations and Pedigree Cattle Services are busy with organising official sale material for the up and coming sales
  • Gayle has been busy setting up YDP training days for the summer workshops and keeping all the youngsters informed

World Angus Forum

We recently officially launched the World Angus Forum 2017 to the press in a well-attended event at the Royal Highland Showground, and feedback was incredibly positive, with some very keen to attend the Technical Conference.

Lifelong Aberdeen-Angus breeder Willie McLaren provided us with a magnificent dialogue about why he feels it is important for UK Angus breeders to attend the upcoming World Angus Forum. It has had great feedback, so if you haven’t seen it please click here to have a read.

We were also delighted to officially announce the teams of very talented and passionate young people who will be representing the UK and Ireland at the Forum youth competition.  A hearty congratulations is extended to all the successful candidates, we have no doubt that you’ll do a great job, whilst learning new skills and making great friends and contacts in the process! Over the coming weeks we will be profiling these rising stars of our industry. Click here to read more on the youth competition.

Antonio Pineros of the Tierraleja Aberdeen-Angus Herd in Colombia provided us with a brilliant insight into how the breed is constantly developing and becoming increasingly important and popular overseas. Antonio was kind enough to speak to us about his thoughts on the breed and what the future holds. Click here to read more.

In the coming weeks:

–          Council Meeting review

–          More information on World Angus Forum 2017, such as the much-anticipated Technical Conference and the Gala Dinner

–          Meetings with our commercial branch Pedigree Cattle Services

–          A paper from the Canadian Angus Association

–          Some great commentary from the official sponsors of the World Angus Forum 2017

–          Meet some of the members from the WAF Youth team

We have a great breed and future and it is time to pull together.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget the clocks go forward!