2018 Berwickshire Show Results

2018 Berwickshire Show Results


Here are the Show Results from Berwickshire show held on the 4th August, judged by Mr Graeme Fraser.

Rulesmains Karen L239 was Champion Aberdeen-Angus and went on to take overall cattle Champion.

Reserve Champion and Male Champion was Rulesmains Egbert T872

Male over 2 years

1st  Gordon Brooke Estate – Cragg Lord Leviathan

Male under 2 years

1st  Andrew Hodge – Rulesmains Egbert T872

2nd Gordon Brooke Estate – Linton Gilbertines Elgin  T149

3rd JHC Campbell & Sons – Thrunton Reiver

Class 3 Aberdeen-Angus Cow in milk

1st Andrew Hodge – Rulesmains Karen L239

Class 4 Aberdeen-Angus Heifer born in 2016

1st Andrew Hodge – Rulesmains Kat P757

Class 5 Aberdeen-Angus Heifer born in 2017

1st  Kersquater Angus – Kersquater Jo Erica T249

2nd  Kersquater Angus – Kersquater Jo Erica T269

3rd  Andrew Hodge – Rulesmains Kerry T875

Class 6 Aberdeen-Angus Calf born in 2018

1st  Andrew Hodge – Rulesmains Karen U036

2nd  Andrew Hodge -Rulesmains Kang U112