13 EU Countries Represented at 6th Angus Group Sale

13 EU Countries Represented at 6th Angus Group Sale


Enthusiastic EU customers appreciated the select offering of Aberdeen-Angus stock at the 6th Aberdeen Angus group Auction in Germany today. Cattle were a strong trade leaving many buyers short. 

Top price was €5,900 for Donaumoos Dunbar R188, from sale host Bernhard Delle.  Dunbar R188 is  a son of Donaumoos Davidoff M436 and HF Tiger daughter Donaumoos Essence L180.

66 Donaumoos Dunbar R188 5900 6106

Image: Donaumoos Dunbar R188

Top price in-calf female, again from Bernhard Delle  was Donaumoos Miss Essence P081 at €4,500, out of a Donaumoos Master Transit K727 daughter from the same Miss Essence family.

29 Donaumoos Miss Essence P081 4500 6057

Image: Donaumoos Miss Essence P081

The maiden heifers all from UK herds attracted 100% clearance and averaged €2,539 for 51 head.  The top two prices both came from Schivas Estates Ltd, sired by Schivas Edge N135.  Schivas Evanol S425 was top at €3600, folowed by Schivas Ermiss S468 at €3,300.

62 Schivas Evanoll S425 3600 6012

Image: Schivas Evanol S425

The St Fort herd of A Mylius & partners sold three heifers, topping at €3,200 for St Fort Mary S628, a daughter of sire Rawburn Picasso L247.

They were followed at €3,000 for Scotsmill Pink Peony S695, a daughter of sire Belhaven Rhetorical H065.  The Scotsmill herd of Mr & Mrs W A L Lawson, sold 18 heifers, and averaged €2,500.  They were the first to be sold commercially from Scotsmill since 1921.

A sound trade for the 9 Eastfield heifers, from Messrs T H Brewis, averaged €2,555, to a top of €2,900 for Eastfield Java S936, sired by Halbeath Kansas L429.

12 heifers were forward from Angela McGregor of the Newcairnie herd, with a top price of €2,700 for Newcairnie Poja S541, out of Newcairnie Junior Eric J906. The average for the Newcairnie heifers was €2,425.

Lot number 1 in the sale provided the top price for Messrs B S & V J Fry of Colhayne herd, was €2,700, and their average was €2380.  She sold to Switzerland.

Summary: Donaumoos bulls averaged €4,967 (3), Donaumoos in calf females averaged €3,525 (12).

Maiden heifers: Schivas averaged €3,000 (4), St Fort averaged €2,733 (3), Eastfield average €2,555 (9), Scotsmill averaged €2,500 (18), Newcairnie averaged €2,425 (12), Colhayne averaged €2,380 (5).