Selection of Aberdeen-Angus Cattle for Sale – Cumbria

Selection of Aberdeen-Angus Cattle for Sale – Cumbria


Great selection of pedigree Aberdeen-Angus Cattle for sale from Hollyhowe Aberdeen-Angus Herd


We breed easy calving, easy fleshing, low input cattle with good temperaments and good conformation.

All of our 2021/2022 born bulls are well grown, but not pushed and ready to go straight to work, mothers can all be seen.

Our 2023 born bulls are not pushed, and will be ready to work on heifers later this year.

The 2021 and 2022 born bulls are all fertility tested and have negative tests for BVD, IBR, JOHNES and LEPTO, dated May 2024.

All 2021, 2022 and 2023 born cattle are by our previous stock bull Weeton Black Jack P419 (ET) UK181671 502419

All of the calves at foot (2024 born) are to our current stock bull Fordel M Baku Y559 UK542511 706559


UK104424 500434 (DOB 16/06/2021) HOLLYHOWE ETHEREUM X434

UK104424 700443 (DOB 17/06/2021) HOLLYHOWE EVITO SAM X443

UK104424 400447 (DOB 20/06/2021) HOLLYHOWE EUSTON X447


UK104424 600456 (DOB 11/04/2022) HOLLYHOWE MR ANGUS Y456

UK104424 300467 (DOB 22/04/2022) HOLLYHOWE EVASIVE Y467

UK104424 400475 (DOB 15/05/2022) HOLLYHOWE EUSTON Y475


UK104424 300481 (DOB 17/06/2023) HOLLYHOWE LORD BANK Z481

UK104424 400482 (DOB 20/06/2023) HOLLYHOWE BUSTER Z482

UK104424 200487 (DOB 28/06/2023) HOLLYHOWE EVASIVE Z487

UK104424 300488 (DOB 28/06/2023) HOLLYHOWE EUSTON Z488

UK104424 500490 (DOB 30/06/2023) HOLLYHOWE BUSBY Z490

UK104424 600491 (DOB 07/07/2023) HOLLYHOWE LORD BANKABLE Z491

UK104424 700492 (DOB 04/07/2023) HOLLYHOWE FRUITFUL LAD Z492



UK104424 700359 (DOB 24/04/2017) HOLLYHOWE BUXOM T359

Her Bull Calf at foot – UK104424 300509 (DOB 12/04/2024) HOLLYHOWE BUSBY A509


UK104424 200375 (DOB 16/05/2018) HOLLYHOWE MISS ESTELLE U375

Her Bull Calf at foot – UK104424 100521


UK104424 500420 (DOB 30/04/2020) HOLLYHOWE ETNITA W420

Her Bull Calf at foot – UK104424 700520 (DOB 27/04/2024) HOLLYHOWE ETNITO A520


UK104424 600435 (DOB 11/06/2021) HOLLYHOWE MISS ESTELLA X435

Her Bull Calf at foot – UK104424 100514 (DOB 18/04/2024) HOLLYHOWE MR ESQUIRE A514


UK104424 200438 (DOB 11/06/2021) HOLLYHOWE MISS ESSENCE X438

Her Bull Calf at foot – UK104424 200501 (DOB 06/04/2024) HOLLYHOWE MR ESSENTIAL A501


UK104424 500413 (DOB 15/04/2020) HOLLYHOWE MISS ESSENCE W416

Still to calve



UK104424 200466 (DOB 21/04/2022) HOLLYHOWE EVA Y466

UK104424 400468 (DOB 23/04/2022) HOLLYHOWE ELLA Y468



UK542511 706559 – FORDEL M BAKU Y559


TB4 Area. Delivery may be possible for an additional charge.

To view the stock, request any further information, or for any questions please call Jonathon on 01539 441264.

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