Discover the Aberdeen-Angus Advantage at NBA Beef Expo

Discover the Aberdeen-Angus Advantage at NBA Beef Expo


Farmers looking to improve resilience and sustainability are being encouraged to visit the Aberdeen-Angus stand at this year’s Beef Expo on 27 April 2024.

As the beef sector faces increasing pressure to pair profitable beef production with environmental delivery, Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society CEO Robert Gilchrist says the breed’s core traits are more relevant than ever.

“Aberdeen-Angus overtook the Limousin’s as the UK’s beef sire of choice three years ago and the breed has continued to grow in popularity as the focus sharpens on profitable and sustainable beef production,” says Mr Gilchrist.

He highlights the breed’s pivotal role in supporting improved efficiency, environmental stewardship, and economic viability.

“The breed’s exceptional maternal and terminal traits have driven a significant increase in calf registrations, with characteristics such as calving ease, management ease, and ease of fleshing, becoming an increasing priority,” adds Mr Gilchrist.

Aberdeen-Angus Senior Youth Development Programme (YDP) winner and passionate young farmer, Graeme Rhind, a dedicated breeder from Northeast Scotland is passionate about the breed and sees a real future for his herd due to the sustainability benefits the Aberdeen-Angus offers.

Mr Rhind says: “The reason for choosing the Aberdeen-Angus breed is its superior maternal traits, such as longevity, easy calving, high weaning percentage and great ability to milk which has proven advantageous.”

He says his aim is to continue to increase the number of cows and improve their genetics, so they can produce quality bulls and get the best performance out of the herd possible.

Visit The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society at the Beef Expo, stand number 99 – 101, to find out more about the breed and how Aberdeen-Angus genetics can support the goals within your beef system.

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