3 Young Pedigree Bulls for Sale

3 Young Pedigree Bulls for Sale


Three young pedigree bulls.

Homebred to a health conscious, closed herd. Sire and dams can be seen on farm. Tb4 area, no history of any diseases on farm.

Good temperaments with some great Angus breeding .

Based in west Sussex,nr Gatwick airport

DITSWORTHY ECHELON Y082 Male UK272235 300082 14/06/2022 Registered UK272235300082

DITSWORTHY RAMBO Y081 Male UK272235 200081 13/06/2022 Registered UK272235200081

DITSWORTHY TOMAHAWK Y083 Male UK272235 400083 17/08/2022 Registered UK272235400083

Please contact [email protected]/07758819761 if interested

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