Marketing Committee Update

Marketing Committee Update


The Marketing Committee is currently engaged in a campaign to promote the home sale of pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle. This campaign has been running throughout the spring months using various methods of advertising i.e. newsprint, digital and social media. We hope you have found these adverts beneficial to your home sales this spring.

We as a committee would appreciate  some feedback on how effective this campaign has been. As we have no means of measuring the success of this campaign we would kindly ask you to enquire from any new customers how they became aware of your stock for sale and report back to the committee.

Another recent marketing initiative has been the reintroduction of “The Angus”commercial brochure to promote the “Aberdeen Angus Advantage”. The brochure contains some interesting editorials and we thank all those would have contributed to its content.

We are presently filming some promotional video footage of Aberdeen Angus genetics used in commercial settings, again to promote the “Aberdeen Angus Advantage”. These videos will be streamed across our social media and internet platforms throughout the coming months.

Alan Morrison

Marketing Committee Chairman