UK Sires signs supply contract with the Republican Chamber of Angus, Kazakhstan

UK Sires signs supply contract with the Republican Chamber of Angus, Kazakhstan


UK Sires have signed a contract with the Republican Chamber of Angus, Kazakhstan to supply Aberdeen Angus semen as a first step in the genetic improvement programme of the Kazak Aberdeen-Angus herd.

Signed at the House of Lords in the presence of Baroness Nicholson, the  Prime Ministers Trade Envoy for Kazakhstan, are Mr Robert Whitcomb From The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society, Mr Rob Wills Director of UK Sires and Mr Dauren Salykov Director of the Kazak Angus Chamber.

This contract came about after series of visits initiated by the DIT team at the British Embassy in Kazakhstan who flagged up an opportunity to UKTAG following approaches made to them by their Angus Breeders for help in improving their breeds, having imported live animals from other countries, they recognised the benefits of cattle genetics from the UK to help them improve their stock.

UK Embassy DIT staff initially set up a meeting with UKTAG who introduced them to our Angus breed society. This was followed by a series of webinars and a scoping visit by UKTAG’s Dr Rob Grinnall to Kazakstan. While in country as a Director of UKECP he was able to help the Kazak veterinary authorities and post to secure a veterinary health certificate to supply semen.

Whilst negotiations were taking place with DEFRA for certification our Angus Society invited a group of breeders to come and look at cattle in the UK. This was gladly accepted and in late Jube accompanied by Beth Mckendrick, Trade Director and Meruyert Kairbekova, Trade Manager from the UK Embassy in Kazakhstan they visited the Royal Highland Show. This was followed by farm visits culminating in a visit to the Rosemead herd in Surrey with a barbecue followed the next day by a farm tour and lunch hosted by Society President, Angus Stovold. Presentations from Robert Gilchrist, Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society CEO and Mr Stovold finalised a very successful visit.

Following this inward mission also supported by Dr Elizabeth Warham Head of DIT Agri tech team based in London an MOU was signed between the two organisations for cooperation, followed quickly by the commercial agreement signed last week to supply AA semen.

Going forward the societies are maintaining close cooperation featuring genetics and technology.

Demonstrating the ongoing cooperation Messers Stovold, Whitcomb and Grinnall met the Kazak Angus breeders again at the recent Eurotier event.

We look forward to being able to follow up on this news with more developments and to see the first UK bred cattle born in Kazakhstan.

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