Live Results: Dungannon Show and Sale February 2019

Dungannon Results Feb 2019
12 February 2019

We can bring you live results from the classes at the Dungannon Show which is taking place today over in Ireland. Results are as follows:

Champion: Dartrey Viscount CID T655 - Hylda Mills & B Johnston

Reserve: Kiltariff Lord Tadhg T015 - D Kenneth Bready Esq

Class 1: Bulls born 28/02/17 - 13/03/17
1st: Dartrey Viscount CID T655 - Hylda Mills & B Johnston
2nd: Coltrim Pon Dereplay T756 - Neville IH Forsythe Esq
3rd: Lurgaboy Awesome T162 - Joe Conlon

Class 2: Bulls born 20/04/17 - 11/06/17
1st: Drumhill Jupiter Eric T427 - Jonathan and Lisa Doyle
2nd: Old Glenort Evermore T876 - James Porter Esq
3rd: Old Glenort Black Bigben T946 - James Porter Esq
4th: Old Glenort Porche T806 - James Porter Esq
5th: Carmean Evan T674 (ET) - John R Lawrence Esq
6th: Carmean Rooney T663 - John R Lawrence Esq

Class 3: Bulls born 23/06/17 - 26/08/17
1st: Kiltariff Lord Tadhg T015 - D Kenneth Bready Esq
2nd: Coolermoney Rupert T751 - Adrian Parke Esq
3rd: Coolermoney Razor T762 - Adrian Parke Esq
4th: Denamona Black Idel T507 - Moses Irwin Jnr Esq
5th: Island Farm Frank T363 - Kevin McOscar

Class 4: 
1st: Coltrim Lord Jameson T826 - Neville IH Forsythe Esq
2nd: Coltrim Enhancer T841 - Neville IH Forsythe Esq