Life membership awarded to key promoters of the breed

10 February 2014

Society Council members unanimously agreed that a life membership of the AACS should be awarded to three gentlemen who in the last three years have promoted the export of UK bred AA cattle to Europe - Bernard Delle, Samuel Widmer and Stephan Jung.

Not only have these three collectively increased the numbers of Aberdeen-Angus breeding cattle abroad, but they have introduced the wonderful quality of Angus beef to European consumers. To date cattle have been exported to Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Germany. For the last three years in April they have held auction sales in Bavaria with the third sale to be held on April 26th of this year.

Bulls and heifers have been sold at auction for distribution throughout many countries in Europe and last year in excess of 300 animals left the UK for Europe with a similar number expected this year.