Herd Health

The Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society are committed to improving the health of the national herd, with a working group of vets and breeders (a sub group of Council) continually looking at ways to help advance Herd Health and ensure that all members within the Society are supported and assisted as required. Herd Health is the most important issue affecting your enterprise, be it if you are starting up or long established. Never assume, always ask questions, know your own Herd Health status and protect your herd with good biosecurity. Join one of the Herd Health scheme providers, who will lead you to an accredited status or control of the diseases. CHeCS providers can be found at: https://www.checs.co.uk/about-us/cattle-health-licensed-schemes/. They will help your vet work to progress and successfully manage your herd health

There are a large number of cattle diseases that can be passed on by poor farm biosecurity, including buying in infected cattle. The costs can be considerable, for example, it is known that in just 10 years, uncontrolled BVD in a 100-cow herd can cost at least £45,000, and for Johne’s Disease, more than £20,000. Defra estimates that BVD costs the cattle sector between £25-61 million per year whilst Johne’s is estimated at £13 million per year. These are considerable and often underestimated costs.

By clicking on the links below, you can find key information around some of the most common diseases affecting Herd Health within the cattle industry.