Moffat Aberdeen-Angus Production Sale

Moffat Aberdeen-Angus Production Sale


Moffat Aberdeen-Angus Production Sale at Dumfries Mart – Beef Breeding Cattle Sale on Monday 8th July



2 cows with calves at foot, 2 in-calf heifers, 2 maiden heifers


Aged 12-24 months

The Moffat Herd established 2008 having evolved from the Auchencloich herd from 1989. The cattle are reared on LFA land. The cows are expected to rear a spring/early summer calf each year.

There is no creep feeding until a few weeks before housing for the winter when the calves are weaned. High health has been a priority and all cattle forward are free of BVD, IBR, LEPTO and are Johnes Risk Level 1. The herd is exempt from TB testing from 2016.


Moffat Edith V111, 5 years with a bull calf Moffat Elite A155, 5 months. This young cow is by a homebred bull Moffat Elgin R066. The sire of her calf is my last stock bull Ballindalloch Eagle W588. Eagle is the sire of all stock forward with the exception of the 2 cows.

Moffat Esme W128, 4 years with a heifer calf Moffat Elsa A158, 4 months. Sire is Moffat Polo U103, a Moffat Elgin son. Her dam Ladywell Ella F087, the only female unput since my herd was established, purchased at the retirement sale of Mr James Drummond. Both cows have ran with my new stock bull Eilean Platnum Y236.


The in-calf heifers are in calf to my new stock bull, Eilean Platnum Y236 purchased in 2024. They are due to calf in September. As stated earlier, spring calves suit my system, the reason for these autumn calvers is that Platnum would not settle with one of my young bulls and he got heifers for company. This is the major factor for this July sale.

Moffat Pandora Y136 and Moffat Miss Beauty Y139 scanned in calf to Platnum – due September.

Maiden Heifers – Moffat Eunice Z150 and Moffat Miss Beatrix Z152.


Moffat Bard Y145, Moffat Eagle Z146, Moffat Eddie Z148, Moffat Priam Z149, Moffat Mister Balfour Z153.


Stock will be added to the website at

Eilean Platnum Y236 - current stock bull
Moffat Bard Y145

Edith, a 5 year old cow with her third calf at foot, aged 5 months. Edith is a homebred cow sired by Moffat Elgin R066. Elgin has great breeding from the Nightingale herd and was also from my best breeding female line.

Moffat Esme is a 4 year old home bred cow sired by a home bred bull Moffat Polo U103. She has her second calf at foot, Moffat Elsa. Her first calf Moffat Eagle Z146 is also for sale. 

The dam of Esme was the only cow added to the herd, purchased at the retiral sale of Mr James Drummond.

Pandora is a well grown two year old in-calf heifer, sired by my previous stock bull Ballindalloch Eagle W588 and scanned in-calf to my new stock bull Eilean Platnum Y236. She is due to calve in September.

My system is based on spring calves and Pandora and the next in-calf heifer Miss Beauty are having autumn calves because Platnum would not settle with one of my home bred bulls when he came on site.

Miss Beauty, also an Eagle daughter is due to calve in September, a week apart from Pandora.

Please contact Rhona on 07989 726957 for more information
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