Volunteers needed! Help us create an electronic version of the Aberdeen-Angus herd book

22 March 2019

We put an article out in the January 2019 Aberdeen-Angus Review looking for volunteers to help pull together an excel sheet representative of all the Aberdeen-Angus herd books to date - looking for around 50 volunteers in total. Angus Smith is very kindly leading the project and is looking for people to assist in completing the job, which once done will provide a great online standalone database which can be searched in the same way as Breedplan.

If you have some spare time and are keen to lend a hand, then we want to hear from you! Please get in touch via the email address dedicated specifically to this project: herdbook@aberdeen-angus.co.uk or phone Angus Smith directly on: 01466 711494.

To read the full article published in the review, head to page 52 via clicking here.