Tagging notice

16 June 2016

Breeders submitting tissue samples as part of the registration process are now able to use a wider range of tags than previously, after the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society’s Council agreed to remove the requirement for breeders to solely use Caisley tags. However, the requirement to submit a tissue sample (as opposed to hair which is not acceptable) as part of the registration process remains.

The sample tag of choice by the breeder must include an approved laboratory compatible collection tube with an engraved, non-removable permanent identification number and will continue to be sent to the Identigen lab in Newport, Wales. 

When the sample is from an already BCMS identified animal (i.e. not new born) then the sample number must be linked to the unique eartag ID. The liability for correctly submitting the sample number and BCMS number link remains with the breeder/keeper. The Society will continue to carry out random auditing, using DNA from the submitted animal, to confirm the provenance of any lab/test result.

The sample should be capable of long term storage, if required by the Society, or wished by the keeper. Several suppliers of official cattle tags have access to such suitable sampling products.