Females top at 5000gns in Stirling

7 Haughton Jace Erica N096 7595
2 February 2015

Leading trade for the collective females at Stirling was Whittaker Farms’ Haughton Jace Erica N096 (lot 7), she sold for 5000gns to Craig Douglas, Clifton Dykes, Penrith. This Blelack Blackbird J160 sired heifer stood reserve champion in the pre-sale show and sold in-calf to Rawburn Boss Hogg. Her dam is Flodden Jace Erica K540, an Easton Greys Elliot A007 daughter.

 Next best at 4000gns was the female champion Billinge Magic Jenya Erica N258 (lot 11) from Richard and Carol Rettie. She had a successful show season in 2014 standing heifer calf champion at the Summer National, reserve champion at Braco Show and  reserve senior female at Stars of the Future. Sired by Netherallan Peter Pershore E052 she is out of the Mosston Muir Lord Rennie A021 daughter Mosston Muir Jennifer Erica C060. She carries a TSI of +42, SRI of +56 with a milk figure of +18. Buying her was B and J MacKay, Caithness.

11 Billinge Magic Jenya Erica N258 7463

Making 3200gns to Philip Halhead, Norbreck Genetics was the youngest heifer in the collective section, Glenhaven Jane Erica P061 (lot 12) from Andrew and Jill Sloan. This March 2014-born Rawburn Edge J983 daughter is out of the Ardrossan Admiral daughter Glenhaven Jane Erica L022. She carries a milk figure of +13, TSI +54 and SRI of +68. She was knocked down to Phil Halhead, Norbreck Genetics.

12 Glenhaven Jane Erica P061 7585

Draft sales

The first of several draft sales of Aberdeen-Angus females was from Jamie Rettie's Hillfoots herd, first in was Wall Tidy Bee G576 (lot 14). This Blelack Jury Eric C673 sired heifer is out of Wall Tidy Bee D315, a Blelack Blacksmith Y291 daughter. She sold with her Retties JFK M195 bull calf at foot and is back in-calf to JFK, paying 5000gns for her was Adrian Johnson, Yearsley Angus.

Next best came from John and Teena Gilmour’s Belhaven draft, Belhaven Rossellini K221 (lot 21) traded at 4000gns to Adrian Johnson. By Harb Pendleton she is out of Prairielane 8116 Rosebud, a Prairielane Ideal daughter. Her July born Netherallan Peter Pershore E052 son sold at foot and Rossellini is back in-calf to Retties Lone Ranger N229.

At 3800gns was Belhaven Rebecca K275 (lot 23), she is a 2010-born Quaker Hill Objective daughter out of the BT Ultraviox daughter Prairielane 297E Rosebud. This cow sold in-calf to Retties Lone Ranger N229 with a June 2014-born Billinge Magic Jack Eric M176 son at foot. She sold to Messrs Bissett, Aldermaston, Reading.

Her April 2011-born daughter Wall Tidy Bee L857 (lot 15) went on to sell for 3500gns to A Irwin, Colchester. This Blelack Evor H929 daughter is out of Wall Tidy Bee G576, a Blelack Jury Eric C673 daughter. Her Rawburn Elysium F547 daughter sold at foot and she is back in-calf to Retties JFK M195.

Donald Rankin paid 3500gns for Ballathie Lady Jupiter P093 (lot 28), the best from the Ballathie draft. Born March 2014 she is by Rawburn Emblem K127 and out of Ballathie Lady Jasmine F616, a Blelack Ellerman B531 daughter.

Chathill Major Reduction

Pip and Jane Robson's Chathill reduction sale saw Lifting trade to 4500gns was Chathill Rosebud M668 (lot 85), sired by Balmachie Keystone G041 she is out of Chathill Rosebud H384, a Rawburn Designer Edition D309. This heifer sold in-calf to Kitewood Elevator L159.

Chathill Eston Anne G344 (lot 44) sell at 4200gns. By PF7215 Avenger this fifth calver is out of Royal Eston Anne 23J, a MVRB Vision daughter. She sold in-calf to Kitewood Elevator.

Making 3600gns was Chathill Ebony J477 (lot 56), this 2009-born Rawburn Transformer daughter is out of the Hoff Limited Edition daughter Rawburn Ebony D288, she is in-calf to Chathill Esam Eric M641.

Chathill Blackbird K539 (lot 60) then made 3500gns to John and Marion Tilson, Wedderlie. Born 2010 this Rawburn Designer Edition D309 daughter is out of Chathill Blackbird F233, a VDAR New Trend daughter. She sold carrying her fourth calf to Chathill Esam Eric M641.

Richard Rettie paid 3400gns for Chathill Easton Anne L633 (lot 75), this October 2011-born Balmachie Keystone G041 daughter is out of the PF 7215 Avenger daughter Chathill Eston Anne G344. She is in-calf to Kitewood Elevator L159 and carries a milk figure of +16, TSI of +36 and SRI of +46.

At the same money was Chathill Miss Essence M663 (lot 82), this 2012-born Balmachie Keystone G041 sired heifer is out of Chathill Miss Essence J495, a Rawburn Designer Edition D309. She is in-calf to Kitewood Elevator L159.