On the lookout for work with an Aberdeen-Angus herd: Benjamin Ager

4 October 2017

Benjamin James Ager has recently returned from a period of time in Australia, and is looking to bolster his experience by working with an Aberdeen-Angus herd. Benjamin says:

''Having just returned to England after spending two years out in Australia. During my time in Australia I worked on several different farms. The experiences have taught me skills which are highly beneficial to my chosen path in Agriculture, working with cattle. I hope to one day have my own world-renowned herd of pedigree cattle. I'm hoping to find a professional stud in order to build my career and experience.''

If you think you might have an opportunity suitable for Benjamin, or would like to speak with him to find out more information, please get in touch with him directly by calling 07572302631 or emailĀ benjamesager@gmail.com.