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A snap shot of the latest news from the society including shows, sales, our youth development programme and from our regional clubs. 

29 Jan 2018 Reminder: Drinks Reception & Prize Giving Tickets

Drinks Reception & Prize Giving  We would just like to remind you all that we are still selling tick...

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26 Jan 2018 Friday update: 26th January 2018

We hope everyone has had a great week, with the snowy weather disappearing, even though the snow was replaced by wind for many of us!

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25 Jan 2018 Breeder of the future: Lois Scott

Last year we put a lot of emphasis on working with our young people and enthusiasts who will be the ...

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25 Jan 2018 Farm walks for NBA Midlands Committee

The NBA Midlands committee are holding two farm walks this February as they host two knowledge sharing, networking events in Northamptonshire.

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24 Jan 2018 Enquiry: Aberdeen-Angus bull sought for purchase in France

A contact in France is looking to purchase a young Aberdeen-Angus bull to bring to France.

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23 Jan 2018 French breeders seeking Aberdeen-Angus heifers for purchase

Catherine and Pascal Krebs are French Aberdeen-Angus breeders located in the North-East Argonne region of France.

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19 Jan 2018 Friday Update: 19th January

It’s been an eventful week weather-wise for many up and down the country, but we hope it hasn’t caused too much disruption!

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18 Jan 2018 Meet the team: Fiona Flood

Fiona Flood works at the Aberdeen-Angus office at Pedigree House in Perth, where she makes up the Re...

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The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society is backing BVD Free England
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