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A snap shot of the latest news from the society including shows, sales, our youth development programme and from our regional clubs. 

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07 Jul 2016 Feature - Borders farmers reap benefit of home bred suckler replacements

Making ends meet in an era of not only reduced commodity prices, but also ever declining financial s...

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05 Jul 2016 Feature - Select Aberdeen-Angus genetics delivering throughout the supply chain

Being part of an integrated beef supply chain is allowing one Wiltshire-based couple to make signifi...

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05 Jul 2016 Beefing Up The Hills - 20th July

Moredun has announced a free day meeting designed to help farmers and vets achieve more effective control of disease and increase productivity within beef suckler herds. 

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04 Jul 2016 New look newsletter out now!

The new-look Society newsletter should be landing on the door mats this week and should give members a refreshed look at what the Society has been up to, as well as a brief run down of what's hot in the news over the last few months.

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16 Jun 2016 Society launch DNA working group

It was agreed at the November 2015 Council meeting and announced in the winter newsletter that all calves entering the Herdbook from January 2017 would have to be tested for sire verification and myostatin status, provided the tests could be undertaken at an acceptable cost.

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Summer Herd Visit Advert
04 Jun 2016 Border Club - summer herd visit

The Border Club will be hosting a summer herd visit on the eve of 8th June at the Borewell herd, Ber...

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25 May 2016 Strong interest for Aberdeen-Angus genetics at Beef Expo

Beef Expo at Bakewell Livestock Centre saw an incredibly busy day for the Aberdeen-Angus stand, with a constant flow of enquiries throughout the day and the team coming a credible runner up in the beef breed society stand competition.

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24 May 2016 Final leg of the Azores tour - by Johnny Mackey

Its been a busy couple of days on the Forum so forgive me for rolling two days into one for the purposes of keeping you all updated.

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The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society is backing BVD Free England
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